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Bury the truth that scars my chest.

Bravely I let go of your hand, I can't speak yet you still understand.

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The basics: I'm Nicaraguan, a mother, a daughter, a big sister, an artist (tattoo artist). I'm compassionate, kind and always caring. I'm the one some of my friends call when they need to just chill or have to talk during a crisis. I'm a night owl so you'll find me online then. I care and love unconditionally and believe more people should be the same way. I'm very open minded and if I don't know what it is I'm the one who will look it up because it's always better to learn than judge.

My past doesn't define who I am, all it does is help who I am at this point in my life. A better me, new and improved.

The rest is to be made up as I go along in this world taking what I can from future experiences so I can pass on my knowledge hoping to help others not make the same mistakes I have.

50 cent, 80's music, 90's music, adoption, agoraphobia, animation, anxiety, b & w photos, basements, basketball, being seduced, bernese mountain dogs, better than chocolate, birds, black eyed peas, blue blanket, blue eyes, breasts, brothers & sisters, butterflies, cat cora, cat osterman, cat's shirts, cats, charmed, chris brown, christian bale, cincinnati, clouded leopards, colin farrell, criminal minds, csi, cuddle bear, cuddling, dangerous beauty, danny penguin, david beckham, destiny's child, diane lane, dido, dimples, dixie chicks, doc martins, dogs, drawing, eden reigal, emmy rossum, erotica, evangeline lilly, falling in love, fergie, fish net stockings, friends, fsu, gatoraide, giada de laurentiis, goo goo dolls, graphic design, grey's anatomy, guilty pleasures, hanging out, hayden christensen, heath ledger, house, hugs, huskies, imagine if, ipod, italian food, italy, itunes, jack johnson, jake gyllenhaal, jennifer garner, jennifer morrison, jessica biel, jessica mendoza, john mayer, kate beckinsale, katherine mcphee, kettling, kissing girls, kissing in the rain, koalas, kt tunstall, ladybugs, laughing, learning new things, lifehouse, lyrics, making out, mark ruffalo, meeting new people, melissa etheridge, michael buble, monica bellucci, movies, music, my cell phone, natalia livingston, natalie portman, nelly furtado, nicaragua, nuzzling, olivier martinez, orlando bloom, paul potts, penguins, phantom of the opra, photography, piper perabo, plays, poetry, psychology, queer as folk., raoul bova, reading, regina spektor, romantic, sara bareilles, sarah mclachlan, secrets, sex, shakespeare in love, shakira, siamese, softball, stand-up comedy, strawberries, strip teases, sugar gliders, survivor, talking to friends, team usa softball, texting, the academy awards, the beach, the l word, timbaland, tomato's, two person riot